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PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES FIRST to watch my Introductory VIDEO, created just for you!
I think you will find it worth your time, and quite interesting. I will explain what goes into restoring this kind of imagery and demonstrate some of the techniques.

NAVIGATION notes:  To return out of a gallery to this main folder, click the link at the top left on the word "BORGSTROM PHOTOS & MOVIES" -- or just re-enter the private URL into your browser.  That link is:

If you click the home button (looks like a small house), you'll end up at my main photo site. Be sure to look around at my photos :) , then just re-enter your private URL to get back here.

Ignore the "Buy Photos" tabs. You can download any or all of these for free and at full resolution using the download button at bottom right of each page or image.

Enjoy your photos and movies!!

Note: The Detailed Notes are just that - a set of information about these images and how I approached organizing and restoring them, in case you are interested.

About the JPG image versions of text docs:  This site won't let me post text files like Word docs. I have to make them into "images."  If you'd like them as Word files, just let me know at:  and I'll gladly send them to you.

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